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About Us

Overseas Subscribers Agents has been entering players into Australian National Lottery, and collecting and sending them their winnings since 1988. Thousands of international players have taken advantage of this service, and many still continue to enter the Australian National Lottery with their special numbers.

When you enter Australian lottos through OSA, you do so with complete confidence that your entry will be processed by authorized Lottery Agents, licensed by the Australian government. OSA doesn't make false claims, and doesn't touch a cent of your winnings.

OSA keeps you updated on all current Jackpots and Draw results so you can join Australian lotto whenever you want. The company processes your entry, and then collects and sends you your cash winnings IN FULL. No hidden commissions, no false claims, no empty promises. Just efficient, reliable service performed with uncompromising integrity.

OSA takes no commissions or fees of any sort from any Australian National Lottery winnings collected by its players. With OSA, what you win - is what you keep.

For more information, you may contact OSA at:
Overseas Subscribers Agents
11 G Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

or visit our 24/7 Help Desk